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Located in the San Diego biotech hub of Sorrento Valley, TriLink’s custom-built 118,000 sq. ft. facility features over 50,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. The facility was designed with flexibility and expansion in mind. Manufacturing space is divided across purpose-built suites, and individual floorplans can be modified to suit program needs. Our current configuration supports process development, oligonucleotide synthesis, custom mRNA synthesis, cGMP manufacturing, and more. The building’s large footprint and customizable nature enable continued expansion of our capabilities and production scale.


Oligo Synthesis

This lab features a variety of oligonucleotide synthesizer platforms, providing the flexibility to scale production from 1.0 µmol to 2.4 mmol. Other functions include chemical conversions, 5’ triphosphorylation, chemical capping, and conjugation of labels and dyes.



The chemistry lab is responsible for phosphorylation chemistry supporting our NTP production and custom synthesis programs. Work performed here is primarily organic synthesis, and involves high throughput solvent handling and purification.



Our mRNA space includes the process development and production activities that support our mRNA programs. Work performed here includes manufacturing from microgram through multi-gram scales, optimizing existing processes, and developing new industry-leading mRNA technologies.



Our cGMP manufacturing space is divided across independent suites in ISO Class 8 rooms and ISO Class 7 rooms. Each cGMP suite features its own airlock entrance, HEPA filtered single pass air, environmental monitoring, and ISO Class 5 spaces for final filtration and aliquoting.



The pilot plant enables TriLink to scale our manufacturing processes and support growing client demand.


CleanCap® and Small Molecule GMP

This space is comprised of ISO Class 7 cleanroom suites specifically designed to produce CleanCap and other specialty small molecules in a controlled environment with up to kilogram scale batches. We have the ability to transfer an internal production process for research-grade custom small molecules into this facility while maximizing the process flexibility and efficiency necessary to uphold GMP standards.


Plasmid DNA (pDNA)

Our state-of-the-art pDNA manufacturing facility includes multiple GMP suites dedicated to support plasmid development and production from milligram to multigram scale. Our manufacturing suites utilize leading automation and control platforms, including automated ultrafiltration and diafiltration processes on a clinical scale.