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Simplify your mRNA product and supply chain with high-quality IVT enzymes

RNA synthesis is versatile, allowing researchers to tailor and modify the construct to create a tailored therapeutic. Enzymes that polymerize nucleoside monomers are a critical component of mRNA production, in addition to NTPs and cap analogs.

Choosing where to source raw materials is a critical part of drug discovery and development. The new high-quality in vitro transcription (IVT) enzymes also used in our mRNA manufacturing processes. They are designed to work with our award-winning CleanCap® technology, providing you with a combined offering of raw materials for co-transcriptional mRNA production. Together, they provide assurance in your program design and ease supply chain challenges.

High quality enzymes from a supplier you trust 

TriLink IVT enzymes generate mRNA yield and integrity, and dsRNA comparable to other enzymes on the market, following the traditional IVT method. A 1.9 kb mRNA was synthesized using IVT enzymes from Supplier X or TriLink, capped with CleanCap AG analog, and incorporated with unmodified or modified NTPs as indicated. mRNAs were analyzed after LiCl precipitation. There were no significant performance differences in yield, integrity, or dsRNA production between Supplier X and TriLink’s enzymes.



IVT enzymes to support your mRNA synthesis

T7 RNA Polymerase

Engineered RNase Inhibitor

Inorganic Pyrophosphatase (iPPase)