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mCAP - (N-7001)

m7G(5')ppp(5')G Cap Analog, N7-Methyl-Guanosine-5'-Triphosphate-5'-Guanosine
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Eukaryotic and viral messenger RNA (mRNA) has a monomethylated cap structure, m7G(5')ppp(5')G or mCAP, at the 5’-terminus. The cap analog plays an important role in cellular processes, most notably the initiation of mRNA translation. The cap interacts with different binding proteins, initiation factors and elements of ribosomes. mCAP was the first cap analog to be introduced to the molecular biology toolbox. Half of the time, mCAP inserts in the correct orientation to enhance translation. The other 50% of molecules are not substrates for efficient translation, reducing the specific activity of the transcript. More recently, Anti Reverse Cap Analog (ARCA) was introduced. ARCA can only insert in the proper orientation, resulting in mRNAs that are translated twice as efficiently as those initiated with mCAP. mCAP is incorporated in a transcription by including a mixture of the cap analog and GTP (usually at a 4:1 ratio). Approximately 80% of synthesized mRNA will possess a 5’ cap, while the remaining 20% will possess a 5’ triphosphate.
Product details
Catalog No N-7001
Purity ≥90% by AX-HPLC
Extinction Coefficient 21,000 Lmol-1cm-1 at 254 nm
Molecular Formula C21H30N10O18P3 (free acid)
Molecular Weight 803.40 g/mole (free acid)
Salt Form NH4+
Concentration 100 mM
Buffer H2O
Recommended Storage -20°C or below
Other Name(s) m7G(5')ppp(5')G Cap Analog, N7-Methyl-Guanosine-5'-Triphosphate-5'-Guanosine
Application CRISPR, In vitro Transcription, Recombinases, TALENS, Transposases, Vaccine Development, Zinc Finger Nucleases
Backbone 5'-5'-Triphosphate
Base Analog(s) Guanosine
Nucleotide Category Cap analogs
Cap Analogs Other
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N-7001 Safety Data Sheet

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