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Leading the Way in mRNA™

TriLink offers custom synthesis of mRNA and long RNA (up to multiple kilobases) with a wide array of modification services at scales ranging from micrograms to grams. We also offer stocked mRNA products including reporter gene and expression factor mRNA. All of our mRNA and long RNA products offer:

  • High quality at competitive prices
  • Custom tailored support to meet specific application or program needs
  • Wide variety of modification, treatment and purification options

  • Gram Scale  

    Affordable Custom Synthesis
    Up to gram scales of mRNA and long RNA (multiple kilobases)


    Editing   Genome Editing & Manipulation Tools
    Zinc-finger nucleases, TALENS, CRISPR and recombinases


    Gene Replacement  

    Gene Replacement, Immunotherapy & Delivery Optimization
    Featuring reporter gene mRNA, secreted factors like Factor IX and hAAT



    cGMP Manufacturing
    Fully traceable from research to clinical grade


    Please contact us to discuss your path to pharmaceutical cGMP manufacturing.





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