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DNA Oligonucleotides

Whether you’re looking for standard DNA oligos or complicated sequences and modifications, we can synthesize your oligos at the scale and purity that you need. Our standard oligos come in 5.0, 10 and 15 µmol scales.

Our extensive options for modifications are unparalleled in the industry and include dye labels, modified bases, linkers, spacers, 5' terminal caps and more. We specialize in highly modified constructs and offer scales up to multiple grams.

Every DNA oligonucleotide we synthesize undergoes quality control analysis by PAGE, HPLC and/or mass spec. Additional service options are available including more stringent purifications and analyses, annealing and aliquotting.

Visit OligoBuilder® to price and order your DNA oligonucleotide at scales up to 15 µmol. If you’re looking for a highly modified oligo or need a scale greater than 15 µmol, please contact us for a custom quote.



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