Plasmid Manufacturing Services

Plasmid DNA for use as an in vitro transcription template is a key part of your mRNA manufacturing program. As the Modified Nucleic Acid Experts, TriLink is your clear choice for plasmid manufacturing services. Our optimized plasmid manufacturing process is purposely designed to ensure the critical quality attributes necessary for successful mRNA applications. From plasmid DNA to final release testing, TriLink is the experienced complete solutions provider for everything mRNA.

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mRNA Made Easier

Working with multiple vendors complicates your supply chain and creates roadblocks. TriLink’s complete mRNA solutions offering makes it easier than ever to meet your manufacturing timelines. Work seamlessly with an experienced team as your project transitions from plasmid production to mRNA and beyond, all while enjoying access to our proprietary CleanCap® technology and broad catalog of modified NTPs.


Inquire about Plasmid Manufacturing

Inquire about Plasmid Manufacturing

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our purpose-built plasmid manufacturing facility features multiple cGMP suites, enabling flexibility for simultaneous production. These suites utilize leading automation and control platforms, including automated ultrafiltration and diafiltration processes. As part of our 118,000 sq ft San Diego campus, our plasmid facility has convenient access to analytical testing and mRNA production on site.


Quality Customized to Your Needs

TriLink offers flexible manufacturing grades to suit your program requirements. Full GMP production is available, as well as our customizable GMPLink™ grade. GMPLink offers the benefits of GMP at a cost savings and is a viable option for up to pre-clinical programs. GMP and GMPLink grades are both available at milligram through multi-gram manufacturing scale.

A Team You Can Trust on Your Path to the Clinic

The TriLink plasmid manufacturing process is built on nearly 20 years of process development experience, setting your project up for success. With today’s ever-changing regulatory environment and rapid timelines, our decades of expertise and leadership in manufacturing nucleic acids can make the difference for your program. Look to the leaders in mRNA for your next IVT template plasmid production.