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Hot Start PCR & RT-PCR Reagents

CleanAmp® Hot Start PCR is a TriLink patented technology developed under SBIR grants from the NIH. CleanAmp Hot Start PCR products provide a specific, sensitive, and flexible alternative to Hot Start DNA polymerases. TriLink has applied their expertise in modified nucleic acid chemistry to develop chemically modified dNTPs and primers that enable Hot Start PCR using standard Taq DNA polymerase. Simply swap out the standard dNTPs or primers in your PCR assay for the corresponding CleanAmp product to create a Hot Start PCR reaction. CleanAmp products are ideal for applications such as reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR), GC rich PCR, multiplex PCR, digital PCR, fast PCR, end-point PCR and real-time PCR (including real-time RT-PCR and fast real-time PCR).

Hot Start PCR & RT-PCR Reagents
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