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TriLink Exclusive Producer of Solulink Products

To meet Solulink's growing customer demand for GMP grade materials, TriLink has partnered with Solulink for the production of all Solulink products.

TriLink is an industry leader with 19 years of experience manufacturing high quality nucleic acid-based products and is ISO 9001 certified. This agreement will provide Solulink customers with the same superior quality product and service with the added benefit of a quality system that ensures full traceability of all materials.

If you have any questions regarding the change in operations, please contact TriLink. TriLink will be supplying Solulink products to Solulink customers and distributors worldwide.

Contact with any product questions.

Product Offerings

Biotin & Digoxigenin Labeling
Magnetic Beads & Agarose
Antibody Labeling
HRP Labeling
Peptide & Oligo Linking
HybrilLink for Flow Cytometry
Conjugation Services

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