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Custom tRNA Synthesis

Transfer RNA (tRNA) is typically 70-100 nucleotides in length and can be highly modified. It has a distinctive folded structure with three hairpin loops that form the shape of a three-leafed clover. These characteristics are known to pose significant synthesis challenges, however TriLink has extensive experience in successfully synthesizing very long and highly modified RNA. Additionally, we offer many modified nucleotides commonly found in tRNA at competitive prices. Fluorescent dye and Biotin/Thiol labeled tRNA is available.

Any length of tRNA may be requested. Generally tRNA oligos <100 bases are synthesized chemically. Longer tRNA (100+ bases) is typically manufactured enzymatically.

Chemical Synthesis

Oligos up to 100 bases are routinely manufactured by chemical synthesis, which offers the greatest design flexibility in regard to modifications. It is generally the least expensive approach and is easily scalable. Chemical syntheses of tRNA may be priced and ordered through OligoBuilder®.

Enzymatic Synthesis

If you have a particularly long tRNA (>100 bases) it may be difficult to make chemically. TriLink's enzymatic synthesis services address these natural limitations. TriLink can manufacture very long and highly substituted tRNA through enzymatic synthesis. This method does not allow for specific placement of modifications. Request a quote today.

Common tRNA Modifications Available:

  1. 1-Methyladenosine
  2. 1-Methylpseudouridine
  3. 2’-O-methylguanosine
  4. 2’-O-methylcytidine
  5. 4-Thiouridine
  6. 5-methylcytidine
  7. 5-methyluridine
  8. 5,6-Dihydrouridine
  9. Inosine
  10. Pseudouridine


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