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Oligo Synthesis

We are industry leaders synthesizing high quality oligos for research, diagnostics, OEM and therapeutics.

RNA Oligos

DNA Oligos

Modified Oligos

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mRNA & Long RNA

TriLink is pleased to offer the best mRNA and long RNA. These new product lines feature custom synthesis of mRNA and long RNA (up to multiple kilobases) with a wide array of modification services at scales ranging from micrograms to grams.

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Zone in with Zon: Nucleic Acid-Based Circulating Biomarkers for Cancer Diagnostics Become Reality

New Products

7-Deaza-7-Propargyl amino-dATP




CleanTag™ Ligation Kit for Small RNA Library Prep.


New Partnership:
TriLink Exclusive Producer of Solulink Products

eNews: Modified oligos from TriLink used to synthesize polymer-tagged nucleotides for new nanopore sequencing method

Press Release:
TriLink Grants ResearchReward for Development of mRNA Delivery Method

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