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Instant Pricing & Ordering for Oligos 15 µmole scale and under.

Enter your sequence 5' to 3' using only A, C, G, T and U. Click chimeric bases, wobble sites and/or modifications to add them to the sequence box.

Looking to submit many oligos at once or get final yield pricing? Submit a quote request.

OligoBuilder® HELP

Oligo Name:
Primary Backbone:
Starting Syn Scale:
Sequence (5'-3'):

Chimeric Bases:
Randomer (Wobble) Sites:
Clear Form
Modifications: 5'

If you have specific requests such as aliquotting, purity requirements or additional analyticals please include them here. To include a modification not found in the menu, describe it here and indicate position (i.e. between bases 3 & 4 or at the 5' end).

Please note any special requests may incur additional cost.


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