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Aptamer Conjugation

Which molecules can be conjugated to an aptamer? The simple answer is: almost anything. Most conjugations are performed through an amino labeled aptamer, however other conjugation chemistries, such as thiol mediated, click chemistry, as well as more novel approaches, such as the SoluLink™ hydrazino method are available. Though there are more conjugation options if the aptamer can be synthesized chemically, TriLink can add amines and other reactive moieties to transcribed aptamers, as well.

Dyes and Biotin

Aptamers can be labeled with most dyes available from TriLink– over 50 available! – as well as with biotin. The labels can be placed on chemically synthesized aptamers using a 5’ amino linker and a succinimydyl activated label, or directly with a labeled phosphoramidite. Long aptamers that require synthesis by transcription can be labeled at the 5’ terminus using aminohexyl-GMP and activated labels.

Dyes commonly used in aptamer research: FAM, Cyanine 3, Cyanine 5, TAMRA


Another class of conjugates of high interest are those that aid in the delivery or bioavailability of the aptamer in vivo. These include PEG (2000), cholesterol and fatty acids, among others. Most can be attached to either a chemically or enzymatically synthesized aptamer.

Conjugates described for use with aptamers: PEG, cholesterol

Nucleic Acids

Many aptamers are being developed as delivery systems for therapeutic nucleic acids payloads, such as siRNA and antisense oligos, and even other aptamers. TriLink has adapted novel conjugation chemistry developed by SoluLink™ to the conjugation of nucleic acids. Aptamer-aptamer and aptamer-siRNA conjugates are now available.

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