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Aptamer Synthesis

Once an aptamer sequence has been identified, it must be synthesized in sufficient quantities to carry out downstream experiments. In some cases, the ultimate goal is to produce milligram or gram amounts of an aptamer to support pre-clinical in vivo studies. However, aptamer synthesis can be challenging due to the high degree of internal structure. Extensively optimized synthesis protocols allow TriLink to produce high quality aptamers. TriLink also has extensive experience synthesizing very long and highly modified RNA. TriLink routinely prepares modified RNA 80-100 bases in length, and is capable of scaling up to multi-gram levels.

Chemical Synthesis

Many aptamers are in the range of 40 - 80 bases. These are routinely manufactured by chemical synthesis, which offers the greatest design flexibility in regard to modifications and conjugations. It is generally the least expensive approach and is easily scalable. Chemical syntheses of aptamers may be priced and ordered through OligoBuilder®.

Enzymatic Synthesis

If you have a particularly long RNA aptamer (>80 bases) it may be difficult to make chemically. Often 2′-fluoro pyrimidines are included in aptamer selections to impart nuclease stability, which can also be difficult to synthesize using standard oligonucleotide chemistries. TriLink's enzymatic synthesis services address these natural limitations in chemical synthesis. TriLink can manufacture very long and highly substituted aptamers through transcription (or enzymatic synthesis). Request a quote today.

Large Scale Synthesis

Large scale, multi-gram synthesis batches can be manufactured. TriLink is a 21CFR 820 compliant GMP manufacturer, regularly supplying material for use in commercial diagnostic applications and for pre-clinical therapeutic studies. A quotation for large scale aptamer synthesis may be requested online.

Aptamer Conjugation

It is often desirable to conjugate aptamers to a variety of different ligands including, polyethylene glycol, cholesterol, dyes, siRNAs and chelators. TriLink offers a wide variety of ligands for conjugation as well as conjugation chemistries. Learn More >

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