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CleanAmp™ Publications

Valenti et al.  Naked-eye fingerprinting of single nucleotide polymorphisms on psoriasis patients. Nanoscale, 8, 11027–11033 (2016)

Yoneda et al. Polymicrobial amniotic fluid infection with Mycoplasm/Ureaplasma and other bacteria induces severe intra-amniotic inflammation associated with poor perinatal prognosis in preterm labor.  Am. J. Reprod. Immunol. 1-12 (2015)

Ea et al. Distinct polymer physics principles govern chromatin dynamics in mouse and Drosophila topological domains. BMC Genomics  16:607 (2015)

Ueno et al. Eukaryote-Made Thermostable DNA Polymerase Enables Rapid PCRBased Detection of Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and Other Bacteria in the Amniotic Fluid of Preterm Labor Cases. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0129032. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0129032 (2015)

Brkic Bubola et al. Characterization of Bova Olive Cultivar and Oil Food Technol. Biotechnol. 52 (3) 342–350 (2014)

Xiao X, Zhai J, Zeng J, Tian C, Wu H, Yu Y. Comparative Evaluation of a Triplex Nucleic acid test for Detection of HBV DNA, HCV RNA, and HIV-1 RNA, with the Procleix Tigris System. J Virol Methods. 2012 Nov 8. doi: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2012.10.015.

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Court F, Miro J, Braem C, Lelay-Taha MN, Brisebarre A, Atger F, Gostan T, Weber M, Cathala G, Forné T. Modulated contact frequencies at gene-rich loci support a statistical helix model for mammalian chromatin organization. Genome Biol. 2011;12(5):R42. Epub 2011 May 10.

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