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"Combining CleanAmp™ dNTPs with our novel lyophilization methods creates the ultimate in high quality easy-to-use PCR assays. Inclusion of CleanAmp™ dNTPs allows us to create accurate, reproducible and simple diagnostic kits, that greatly improve the quality of clinical testing and patient care."

Mike Bunce CEO & CSO
"Using CleanAmp™ dNTPs in your PCR is an interesting way to improve specificity. This novel Hot Start method is easy to incorporate into any PCR master mix."

Carl Wittwer, Ph.D. Professor of Pathology
University of Utah
"TriLink's CleanAmp™ Primers have allowed us to develop a triplex one-step reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) assay for detection of HIV-1, HSV, and HCV. This approach is unique from other Hot Start approaches, since it allows for control of which primers are extended during the RT step. The ability to control the RT step provided a high level of sensitivity and specificity for our in-house nucleic acid test."

Xinglong Xiao, Ph.D.
South China University; Taitaigen, Inc.
"CleanAmp™ dNTPs enable us to perform genotyping PCR and real-time PCR using homemade native Taq DNA polymerase."

Wen-Shu Wu, Ph.D. Associate Scientist
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
"We designed a quadruplex PCR assay to simultaneously amplify four herpes viruses, including herpes simplex virus (HSV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and varicella zoster virus (VZV). We found that the use of CleanAmp™ Turbo Primers enhanced amplification efficacies in the quadruplex herpes virus PCR assay where normal multiplex techniques previously failed."

Yi-Wei Tang
Vanderbilt University
  "CleanAmp™ dNTPs is a clever alternative to conventional antibody based Hot Start approaches that circumvents some of their limitations. We are very excited including it in our tools portfolio and expect to use it when developing delicate assays."

Mikael Kubista, Ph.D. CEO & Founder
TATAA Biocenter
  "CleanAmp™ dNTPs used with native Taq polymerase perform to specification in our demanding multiplex Scorpions™ assays at a substantial cost savings."

Richard DeScenzo, Ph.D. Microbiology Group Leader
ETS Laboratories
  "Our work, in part, involves development of high sensitivity tests for mutations present in only a small fraction of cells under test. This requires high specificity also and it has proven to be the case that the TriLink CleanAmp™ Primers provided the specificity needed to capitalize on qPCR's inherent high sensitivity. Using your primers we can routinely identify the presence of mutation fractions as low as 0.001%."

John Owen MD Professor of Hematology & Oncology
Wake Forest University

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