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Custom oligos

For over 20 years, TriLink has been an industry leader in synthesizing high quality oligonucleotides for research, diagnostics, therapeutics, and OEM. We offer a wide selection of DNA, RNA, modified, and specialty oligonucleotides in scales up to multiple grams. We are known throughout the world for our ability to successfully synthesize difficult and unusual constructs. 

Our commitment to offering unmatched quality is coupled with a dedication to providing the best customer service and technical support in the industry. When you partner with TriLink as your trusted supplier, you will maximize your budget and resources with our expertise in designing and synthesizing difficult constructs, experience our remarkably high success rates synthesizing complex oligos, and unparalleled purity and performance. 

We have been collaborating with customers at the forefront of scientific discovery to enable everything from exploration to commercialization. In support of cutting edge nucleic acid development, TriLink offers specialty oligos, including CRISPR sgRNA, randomers, molecular beacons, UsiRNA, and TINA modifided oligos. 

Our expertise, combined with an extensive selection of modifications and conjugates, offers virtually endless possibilities for your oligonucleotide synthesis. Whether you need standard DNA and RNA oligos, or you're working with difficult and highly-modified sequences, we can synthesize at the scale and level of purity you require.



Explore Our Custom oligos

Custom DNA Oligos

We offer a full range of DNA oligos at the scale and purity you need. From basic to complicated sequences and modifications, customization is available to produce any scale up to multiple grams.

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Custom RNA Oligos

Antisense therapeutics, oligonucleotide based RNAi, microRNA mimics, and inhibitors are showing great promise as powerful research tools and new class of potential therapeutics. Find out more on how partnering with TriLink for RNA oligonucleutides can fuel your research.

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Mid and Large Scale Oligo Synthesis

TriLink specializes in mid-scale and large-scale synthesis (50 mg to multiple grams) of both DNA and RNA oligonucleotides.

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