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Contract Manufacturing (OEM)

TriLink contract manufacturing services are available with the full dynamic range of TriLink technologies and manufacturing capabilities. Our quality systems and world class expertise provide the utmost in customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing solutions. We work with your exact design specifications to provide a fully customizable experience that is backed by the TriLink standard of quality and reliability. We build and manufacture the reagents to get your product to market.

Custom and OEM capabilities

  • Utilization of TriLink products and manufacturing capabilities to customer-designed products
  • Custom vialing/dispensing, packaging, or labeling
  • Custom specifications to meet quality and documentation needs

Bulk product supply

  • Single-lot sourcing (e.g., for use in preclinical studies)
  • Supply of critical reagents in bulk when used at high frequency
  • Production of high-quality reagents available as manufactured in a cGMP facility
    • 50,000 sq. ft. of custom manufacturing and laboratory facilities
    • Four ISO Class 7 and eight ISO Class 8 engineered cGMP customer suites

We understand the unique challenges that you face as a growing company. We appreciate that your resources are limited and your time is precious, so when you partner with TriLink as your trusted supplier, we'll help you maximize your budget and resources.

  • Expertise in experimental design, chemistry, and processing
  • Decades of experience designing and synthesizing difficult constructs
  • Remarkably high success rates synthesizing complex compounds
  • Unparalleled product purity and performance

Submit an inquiry on our Contract Manufacturing OEM Services

Submit an inquiry on our Contract Manufacturing OEM Services


TriLink support makes a difference in OEM success

TriLink offers the best in world class technical expertise and support. Our project leads will guide you through an experience that keeps the success of your application in the forefront of priorities. Contract services that span therapeutics, molecular diagnostics (MDx), in vitro diagnostics (IVD), research, and biomedical industries.

Design flexibility that gets your product to market, as you intended

TriLink offers the agility and technical backing to configure OEM products at your specifications and desired scale. Our focus is quality and reproducibilty, TriLink standards that are always part of our service offerings.

We are backed by a quality system and a team of dedication support scientists

TriLink operates an ISO9001:2015 quality system with GMP capabilities. Our technical support staff is available to guide you through your project lifecycle. Read more about our cGMP program and facility here.

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We offer comprehensive services for all stages of your pipeline or production strategy. 

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