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Light-Activated Oligonucleotides For Gene Regulation, PCR, Mutagenesis & More!
Coming Soon! Please inquire for a quotation and availability of early access material.

These uniquely modified oligonucleotides are useful in a variety of applications, including:

Light-activated oligonucleotides contain photolabile nucleobase modifications, nitropiperonyloxymethyl (NPOM), to one or more of
the thymidines. The presence of the NPOM-caging group interrupts hybridization by sterically blocking Watson-Crick base pairing.
Light activation by UV irradiation specifically removes the NPOM-caging group without damaging the oligonucleotide.
The ability to regulate DNA:DNA or DNA:RNA hybridization with light provides a powerful alternative for assay activation.

Figure adapted from reference 3.
The NPOM-caging group technology was invented in the Deiters Lab at North Carolina State University.

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