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  Specialty Oligonucleotides TriLink offers specialty oligos, including randomers and molecular beacons. Visit OligoBuilder® to price and order your randomer or molecular beacon oligonucleotide.


Randomer (Wobble) Oligos

TriLink has done extensive research and development to ensure our randomer oligos are as close to 1:1:1:1 as possible for both DNA and RNA oligos. Custom or 'unequal' base ratios are also available. Randomers may be ordered online through OligoBuilder®. (Use the Randomer (Wobble) Sites menu to add random sites to your oligo.)

Molecular Beacons

Molecular beacons are a diagnostic tool, consisting of an oligonucleotide with a fluorescent dye at one terminus and a quenching dye at the other. They form a hairpin when not hybridized to a target, thus placing the 5' and 3' termini, and their attached dyes, in close proximity. Learn More>


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