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TINA Modified Oligonucleotides: A New Tool for Oligonucleotide Scientists

UNAFirst described in the literature in 2005, Twisted Intercalating Nucleic Acid (TINA) modified oligonucleotide primers are a new "twist" in PCR technology now available to the general public. The TINA modification is added to oligos using a unique phosphoramidite reagent and is, as the name implies, a potent intercalating agent. These modifications can be placed at either terminus or internally between two bases. The resulting modified oligonucleotide can have an enhanced duplex Tm of up to 9 degrees if modified at both the 5' and 3' termini. Even a single terminal modification can have a 3-4 degree enhancement in Tm. TINA modified oligonucleotides have also been shown to improve triplex formation, making these a versatile tool.

The effect of this increase in Tm is enhanced PCR performance with primers that are 5' modified with TINA. Higher PCR efficiencies can be obtained using lower primer concentrations and higher annealing temperatures, thus reducing the amount of undesired mismatch product formed. TINA oligos maintain the ability to differentiate single base mutations with much faster PCR cycle times.

However, that is just one of many potential applications for TINA modified oligos. There are many instances where a potent intercalating reagent can be useful, such as in triplex formation or even in gene silencing using a hybridization arrest mechanism. Addition of a TINA modification to an existing oligonucleotide construct may be the solution to achieving the desired duplex stability.

Build your TINA modified oligo in OligoBuilder® today!
(NOTE: In OligoBuilder®, TINA is located in the 5' and Internal Modification menus under Non-fluorescent Conjugates. Double RP-HPLC purification is recommended.)

Visit for more technical information and the latest applications.

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