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TriLink BioTechnologies Expands Small RNA Sequencing Portfolio With New Primers

(October 14, 2019) -

Two New Sets of Barcode Convert Primers are Optimized for Ion Torrent* Sequencers

SAN DIEGO – TriLink BioTechnologies, a Maravai LifeSciences company and leader in oligonucleotide and mRNA synthesis for research, diagnostics and therapeutics, introduces two new primer sets for its CleanTag® kit. The new Ion Torrent Convert barcode primer sets enable small RNA library preparation on the sequencer platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific. TriLink’s CleanTag Small RNA Library Prep Kit has been in use for several years with Illumina* sequencers.

CleanTag streamlines and improves next-generation library preparation in a number of ways. Its proprietary formulation includes modified adapters that block adapter-dimer formation – one of the biggest challenges in micro RNA (miRNA) library prep. Adapter-dimers, which are formed with most kits, reduce usable sequencing reads and must be removed. This has typically required a cumbersome gel purification step, which adds time to the process and reduces the amount of RNA available for research. By enabling automated, bead-based separation, CleanTag delivers a simplified, cleaner workflow, retaining high sensitivity and the ability to work with low-abundance RNA input as well as at the single-cell level. Additionally, utilizing the index primers, more than one sample can be sequenced at a time for significant cost savings.

CleanTag is more sensitive and easier to use than other options on the market and is also faster, enabling miRNA preparation in a day, with fewer steps than other approaches. Even with samples containing low-abundance miRNA, such as blood or plasma, CleanTag delivers superior results.

Nicolas Crapoulet, Ph.D., specialist in Molecular Genetics at the Vitality Health Network’s University Hospital Center in New Brunswick, Canada, comments, “Prior to adopting CleanTag, we had quality and consistency issues with available library prep kits. CleanTag’s low adapter-dimer feature has allowed us to eliminate the purification step that reduces the amount of target. Now we can sequence every sample we get. There is less wasted sample with CleanTag and we get more data from each sample.”

Primers provided in each index set for Ion Torrent includes the RT primer, 12 indexed forward-PCR primers and a reverse-PCR primer. A total of 24 unique indexes are available in the two new sets. Application notes for bioinformatic pipelines using the Ion Torrent Convert primer sets are available on the TriLink website at:

About TriLink BioTechnologies

Founded in 1996, TriLink BioTechnologies is a global leader in the synthesis of DNA and RNA for research, diagnostics, therapeutics and OEM customers. Specializing in the manufacture of highly modified nucleic acids such as mRNA and custom oligonucleotides, TriLink products are instrumental in the fields of gene and oligonucleotide therapy, nucleoside chemotherapy, gene editing and diagnostics. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and operates cGMP suites for manufacturing. TriLink is headquartered in San Diego, where it also maintains its manufacturing facilities. The company was acquired by Maravai LifeSciences in 2016.

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