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TriLink BioTechnologies® and FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Sign Non-exclusive License and Supply Agreement for CleanCap® mRNA capping technology

(February 5, 2024) -

TriLink CleanCap® mRNA capping technology is now accessible to Fujifilm customers for non-commercial use

TOKYO, JAPAN (February 5, 2024) – TriLink BioTechnologies (TriLink®), a Maravai™ LifeSciences company (NASDAQ: MRVI) and global provider of life science reagents and services, and FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical, a Japanese provider of synthetic mRNA contract development and manufacturing services, have entered into a non-exclusive License and Supply Agreement for TriLink’s CleanCap® mRNA capping technology.


Aligned to the terms of the agreement, TriLink® will supply its proprietary CleanCap® M6, CleanCap® AG 3’OMe, CleanCap® AG and CleanCap® AU cap analogs for use in Fujifilm’s mRNA development and manufacturing services in Japan, from pre-clinical through Phase III programs. This agreement aligns with TriLink’s objective to enable greater access to CleanCap® mRNA capping technologies. CleanCap® technology produces an optimal Cap1 structure with over 95% efficiency, creating a one-pot solution that streamlines production processes when compared to other capping methods.


“Our novel capping solutions improve mRNA function, help streamline manufacturing processes, and maximize capped material yield, accelerating programs from discovery to the clinic,” shared Justin Barbosa, VP and General Manager of TriLink Discovery.


Since launching the first CleanCap® analog in 2017, TriLink’s technology has continued to advance the mRNA capping industry and is used in multiple commercially approved COVID-19 vaccines. Additionally, TriLink continues to evolve and expand its innovation with the launch of the CleanCap® M6 analog, the most robust analog to date, with studies indicating increased mRNA expression by more than 30% versus enzymatic capping method.


FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical offers development & manufacturing services from mRNA synthesis to LNP formulation in Japan. With the incorporation of nano-dispersion technology, one of the core technologies of the FUJIFILM Group, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical has provided contract services for the design and manufacture of LNPs to a variety of customers and has accumulated experience in the production of investigational drugs.


“We are excited about our partnership with TriLink. The CleanCap technology will significantly enhance our contract mRNA synthesis services, enabling us to better serve and accelerate the mRNA drug development of our valued customers” says Akira Kase, Corporate Vice President of FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical.




About TriLink BioTechnologies

TriLink BioTechnologies, a Maravai LifeSciences company, is a global leader in nucleic acid and mRNA solutions. TriLink delivers unrivaled chemical and biological experience, CDMO services, and high-quality readymade and custom materials, including its patented CleanCap® mRNA capping technology. Pharmaceutical leaders, biotech disruptors, and world governments depend on TriLink to meet their greatest challenges, from delivering the COVID-19 vaccine at warp speed, to empowering innovative treatments in oncology, infectious diseases, cardiology, and neurological disorders, to enabling future pandemic response plans.

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About Maravai LifeSciences

Maravai is a leading life sciences company providing critical products to enable the development of drug therapies, diagnostics, and novel vaccines. Maravai’s companies are leaders in providing products and services in the fields of nucleic acid synthesis and biologics safety testing to many of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical, vaccine, diagnostics, and cell and gene therapy companies.

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About FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical

FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical, one of the core companies in the Fujifilm Group's healthcare segment, is committed to solving social issues through its pharmaceutical business. Leveraging over 40 years of expertise in anti-infective drugs, the company focuses on contract manufacturing as it is the only company capable of manufacturing sterile penicillin antibiotic products in Japan. In 2020, it started Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) services for liposomes and lipid nanoparticles. This offering was further expanded in 2023 with the launch of CDMO services for of mRNA. FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical can provide end-to-end services to support its customers’ development of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

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