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Conjugation Kits

Notice: SoluLINK bioconjugation products and support are now available only through Vector Laboratories, a sister Maravai LifeSciences portfolio company. For all inquiries contact Customer Service (800-227-6666 or [email protected]) or Technical Support (650-697-3600 or [email protected]).

Use our conjugation kits and antibody labeling kits to link antibodies and other proteins to oligonucleotides, biotin, digoxigenin, peptides, fluorophores, and enzymes. Based on SoluLINK bioconjugation technology, the All-in-One™ and One-Shot™ conjugation kits include everything needed to produce and purify high-quality conjugates.
When you need a conjugate with high sensitivity, excellent reproducibility, and low non-specific binding, SoluLINK® kits deliver and help you move your research forward.

  • Easy to use — regardless of your level of experience with conjugation, our detailed step-by-step protocols clearly explain each part of the modification and conjugation process
  • Quantifiable — SoluLINK linkers are chromogenic, so you can quantify the molar substitution ratios of HyNic and 4FB on your biomolecules prior to conjugation, as well as the degree of conjugation in real-time during the linking process; a simple UV scan ensures reproducibility of your reactions
  • Rapid conjugation — each kit contains TurboLink™ catalyst to accelerate the conjugation of HyNic- and 4FB-modified biomolecules at least 10-fold

SoluLINK technology, combined with TurboLink catalyst and purification reagents, allows rapid and quantitative conjugation of your biomolecules, even at dilute concentrations.

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