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7-Deazaguanosine-5'-Triphosphate - (N-1044)

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7-Deazaguanosine-5'-Triphosphate is a guanosine triphosphate analog which lacks a nitrogen at the N7 position of the nucleobase. Replacement of this nitrogen atom with a carbon atom results in diminished structure of the major groove in DNA and may disrupt base stacking, but does not interfere with Watson-Crick base pairing. This is desirable for applications such as amplification and sequencing of GC-rich nucleic acid sequences.
Product details
Catalog No N-1044
Purity ≥90% by AX-HPLC
Extinction Coefficient 9,145 Lmol-1cm-1 at 259 nm
Molecular Formula C11H17N4O14P3 (free acid)
Molecular Weight 522.10 g/mole (free acid)
Salt Form Li+
Concentration 100 mM
Buffer H2O
Recommended Storage -20°C or below
Other Name(s) 7-Deaza-GTP
Application Aptamers, Epigenetics/DNA Damage, In vitro Transcription, Mutagenesis, Photocrosslinking Studies
Backbone 5'-Triphosphate
Base Analog(s) Guanosine
Sugar Type(s) RNA
Nucleotide Category Base Modified RNA
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