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Custom Phosphoramidites and Supports

As a manufacturer of complex oligonucleotides, TriLink understands how important high quality phosphoramidites and well-characterized solid supports are to successful oligo synthesis.

In addition to analysis by RP-HPLC, 31P NMR and mass spec, all our custom phosphoramidites undergo a coupling test to ensure a high incorporation rate.

Solid supports, which contain the first group to be added to the oligonucleotide, also serve to anchor the growing oligonucleotide during synthesis. It is important to choose the right solid support for maximal oligonucleotide yield, and our experts are here to help you choose the right support for your application. Options for solid supports include controlled pore glass (CPG) in three pore sizes (500, 1000 and 2000 Angstroms) depending on the length of the oligo to be synthesized, as well as polystyrene support which exhibits very high loading levels for high yield synthesis of shorter oligos. All supports are fully characterized for surface loading and undergo a functional test prior to release.

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