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Custom chemistry services

TriLink BioTechnologies is fully equipped to be your one-stop solution for custom manufacturing of research-grade nucleic acid materials from small to large scales. With decades of experience to draw upon, our synthetic organic chemists and biochemists are available to assist you in every step of the process, from the development of novel synthetic routes to purification and analytical strategies for challenging compounds.

We can help you overcome challenges in:

  • Difficulty in building the right small molecules for a specific project
  • Limited availability of modified or specialized nucleotides
  • Need for expert assistance in designing the right compounds for downstream applications

Values of working with TriLink

TriLink has a long history of custom synthesis in nucleic acid chemistry to meet specific customer needs. Working in an ISO 9001:2015–certified facility with a robust quality system, our services include:

  • Custom synthesis of modified nucleoside triphosphates and phosphoramidites
  • Ultra-pure synthesis and purification process
  • Scalable production of small molecules from milligrams to kilograms
  • Development of appropriate analytical methods and reports

In addition, MyChem LLC's expertise has been integrated into TriLink since 2022, expanding our custom chemistries with ultra-pure nucleic acid synthesis. As part of Maravai LifeSciences, we have also increased phosphoramidite capabilities with our sister company Glen Research, providing a full breadth of nucleotide offerings and flexibility for custom structures.


Expertise in novel nucleotide synthesis and analysis

Our decade-long experience in nucleic acid chemistry has enabled us to develop high-yielding synthetic strategies and purification techniques to deliver challenging compounds to advance your research. We offer a broad selection of off-the-shelf modified and unmodified nucleotides. If the compound of your interest is not available, we can synthesize it at the scale and purity according to your specifications.

We have produced hundreds of custom nucleotides including dye-labeled, biotin-labeled, polyphosphate, and more, for applications such as:

  • Enzymatic oligo synthesis
  • Synthetic genomics
  • Diagnostics assays including NGS and PCR
  • Nucleic acid therapeutics

In addition, we provide custom phosphoramidite services for the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides.

In-house analytical testing for quality assurance

TriLink's Analytical Sciences Center of Excellence provides in-house analysis of intermediates and final products with a comprehensive suite of testing capabilities. Our unique capabilities minimize the delays and unexpected costs typically associated with outsourced testing to multiple laboratories.

Our available analysis and testing methods include:

  • pH
  • Identity: mass spectrometry, 1H NMR
  • Quantitation: UV-Vis
  • Purity: anion exchange (AX)-HPLC, 31P NMR
  • Concentration
  • Conductivity

We offer two types of documentation with product releases to meet your projects' requirements. Please specify your needs for product documentation during your project inquiry.

 Analytical reportCertificate of analysis
DocumentationIncludedUpon request*
Quality Management SystemISO 9001ISO 9001
Product releaseTechnical releaseQA release
QC releaseManufacturingManufacturing, QA, QC
Included specs (with optional add-ons)Purity, concentration, identityPurity, concentration, identity
Turnaround time Standard ~10 additional business days
*For a nominal fee

Serving from the discovery phase through scale-up



During the early stages of your project, we can assist you in determining the right compound and modifications, target specifications, and key program deliverables.


Process optimization

Our analytical team can provide expertise in analytical method development, including product stability testing, to optimize the manufacturing process of your identified compound.

Additionally, we provide purification strategies to help achieve your desired purity target while removing critical impurities and maintaining sufficient yields.



Moving from a small to a full production scale requires an appropriate quality management system, well-designed manufacturing suites, and a dedicated team experienced in handling the process's stress and demands. Having produced hundreds of batches of nucleic acids at scale, we are fully prepared to handle your process with efficiency and tailored solutions.

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