Custom mRNA Synthesis

Since 2012, TriLink has been the industry leader in custom messenger RNA (mRNA) synthesis for research and clinical applications. We manufacture non-coding RNAs and provide tailored synthesis at milligram to multigram scales, with lengths ranging from a few hundred nucleotides to greater than 10 kilobases. TriLink has a large collection of modified nucleotides that can modulate innate immune recognition to maximize activity for your specific application. Our proprietary CleanCap® technology achieves highly efficient and economical co-transcriptional capping, and we offer numerous post-transcriptional modifications, including DNase and phosphatase treatments, enzymatic capping, and polyadenylation. Additionally, you can select from a variety of purification options, including silica gel purification, liquid chromatography isolation, and high-performance liquid chromatography. Our in-house plasmid manufacturing option offers you a streamlined solution for therapeutic mRNA production, simplifying your process and saving time. We take pride in providing GMP mRNA manufacturing for your clinical needs, and our suite of analytical services allows you to thoroughly characterize your mRNA. Experienced users can design their own mRNA, or our technical staff can guide you to the best design for your specific application. TriLink can take you all the way from pre-clinical batches to the GMP synthesis of your clinical lots.

  • High quality products and services at competitive prices
  • Custom tailored support to meet specific application or program needs
  • Wide variety of modification, treatment, and purification options
  • Affordable custom synthesis up to gram scales of mRNA and long RNA (multiple kilobases)
  • Genome editing & manipulation tools including: zinc-finger nucleases, TALENS, CRISPR, and recombinases gene replacement, immunotherapy, & delivery optimization featuring reporter gene mRNA and secreted factors like Factor IX and hAAT
  • cGMP Manufacturing that is fully traceable from research to clinical grade
  • Reprogramming factors mRNA for non-integrating generation of iPSCs
  • In-house plasmid manufacturing optimized for therapeutic mRNA production


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