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mRNA CDMO services

mRNA synthesis for research and discovery

Since 2012, TriLink has been the industry leader in custom mRNA synthesis for research and clinical applications, with more than 975 completed programs. Now is your opportunity to leverage TriLink’s mRNA innovations and expertise, including its proprietary CleanCap® technology, CleanScript™ technology of in vitro transcription (IVT) methods and protocols optimized to reduce dsRNA, standard and custom NTP portfolios, and leading-edge analytical and QC methods. If you are ready to submit a custom RNA synthesis request, use the mRNAbuilder™ tool.


Highly customizable mRNA synthesis

When you partner with TriLink for custom mRNA synthesis, your research or discovery program is supported by a dedicated team of process development and manufacturing experts with a legacy of mRNA experience. Our process development scientists will support your program and leverage TriLink’s optimized in vitro transcription and purification processes to meet the unique needs of your drug discovery research and development program.


Custom mRNA and saRNA for research and discovery


Delivery time

4 weeks for standard, non-complex sequences
6 to 8 weeks for complex sequences*

Quantity per construct

100 µg** to 20 g

Modified NTPs

N1MePsU, 5moU, PsU, 5mC, and PsU/5mC

Sequence length

200bp to 14kb+ (including saRNA)

Capping technologies

CleanCap® M6, CleanCap® AG 3’ OMe, CleanCap® AG, CleanCap® AU, ARCA, uncapped, enzymatically capped

Purification process

Silica membrane, oligo dT, and reverse-phase HPLC,


1 mM sodium citrate, water, and custom buffers 

Standard QC panel (included)

Each construct is tested for integrity with a fragment analyzer, and content is assessed via UV-Vis (A260/A280) and RNA agarose gels.

Add-on mRNA characterization and analysis 

Every construct comes with the option to utilize our extensive in-house analytical services.

*mRNA delivery time is dependent on the DNA template turnaround time and the complexity of the construct
**Inquire about smaller quantities available for screening and hit-to-lead experiments


mRNA synthesis capabilities

TriLink’s proprietary mRNA synthesis capabilities include CleanScript™ in vitro transcription method optimized to decrease dsRNA, scales ranging from milligram to multi-gram, and lengths ranging from a few hundred nucleotides to over 14 kilobases.



CleanCap® capping technology achieves highly efficient and economical co-transcriptional mRNA capping with fewer processing steps. Leverage TriLink’s comprehensive portfolio of modified nucleotides for your mRNA program.


Purification options

Purification options include silica membrane purification, Oligo dT capture, and reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography. Proprietary purification processes can be customized for your application.

A video introduction to Discovery mRNA Manufacturing

mRNA design and optimization in the discovery stage sets the foundation to help enable successful scale-up and transition to GMP manufacturing. Learn how a partnership with TriLink can help you develop and optimize the right constructs for your mRNA application.

Use our mRNAbuilder™ tool to design your mRNA

Design your mRNA or long RNA transcript using TriLink's mRNAbuilder™. Upon submission, our Technical Support team will review and provide a quotation within 3-5 business days. Our team of mRNA experts is here to help you with any questions, or to discuss your mRNA synthesis needs.


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Ready-made catalog mRNA portfolio

Our pre-designed, stocked mRNAs resemble fully processed, capped, and polyadenylated mRNAs ready for translation by the ribosome.


CleanCap® portfolio

CleanCap® technology provides optimized co-transcriptional capping for vaccine and therapeutic and diagnostic applications as well as for cell and gene therapies and protein engineering applications.


GMP mRNA manufacturing

Our scalable manufacturing services can support your program as you progress to preclinical through clinical development.

Request a quote on your RUO mRNA project

If you are ready to submit a custom RNA synthesis request, use the mRNAbuilder™ form.

For all other mRNA program inquiries, tell us more about your specific program needs so we can tailor our initial conversation with you. We look forward to connecting with you.

Discovery mRNA Synthesis Services

Discovery mRNA Synthesis Services

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