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5' Adenylate - (O-0264)

rApp, 5' Adenylation
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This modification is available as part of a custom oligonucleotide configuration. Please use OLIGObuilder™ to generate pricing and order or contact us to speak with a customer service representative.

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Product details
OLIGObuilder Code {rApp.}
Other Name(s) rApp, 5' Adenylation
Design Requirements To prevent a 5′ adenylated oligo from self-ligating, a blocking group is required on the 3′-end, such as a 2′,3′-Dideoxynucleotide or 3’ (C3) Propyl Spacer.5′ adenylated oligos require an extra purification after the adenylation step and are not compatible with heat-sensitive modifications.
Oligo Modification Type 5' Terminal Caps (Capped Oligos)
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