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Premade mRNAs to streamline your discovery

TriLink provides predesigned, readymade mRNAs as catalog products to use as controls in your R&D experiments and process development materials for downstream formulation in the development of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. Our ready-to-use mRNAs contain 5′ CleanCap® cap analog (Cap 1), 5′ and 3′ UTRs, and 3′ poly(A) tail, resembling fully processed mRNAs ready for translation by the ribosome.

Dot blot showing reduced dsRNA levels

mRNAs manufactured with quality for robust performance

TriLink’s readymade RNAs are manufactured following our proprietary CleanScript™ in vitro transcription (IVT) method or the CleanCap® M6 protocol, reducing double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) levels and enhancing in vivo protein expression. The mRNAs are purified by DNase treatment, diafiltration, and oligo-dT capture to enrich full-length constructs while removing impurities and salts. To provide confidence in using our products, standard analytical tests are performed on our mRNAs and provided on certificates of analysis.

Those analyses include:

  • Concentration determination by UV-Vis
  • Construct integrity by gel and capillary electrophoreses
  • Capping efficiency by capping assay
  • dsRNA level by dot blot

Explore our readymade mRNAs

Reporter gene mRNAs

A variety of reporter mRNAs are available for tracking transfection efficiency and duration of expression in cultured cells or in vivo.

Genome editing mRNAs

Our mRNAs for genome engineering include Cas9, Cas9 nickase, and Cre recombinase.

Gene replacement mRNA

To model your secreted protein, we provide human erythropoietin (EPO) mRNA.

Antigen mRNAs

For delivering vaccine antigens, we provide mRNAs expressing the model antigen, ovalbumin (OVA).

Three mRNA designs for diverse projects

TriLink offers premade mRNAs in three designs: CleanCap® mRNAs, CleanCap® mRNAs (5moU), and CleanCap® M6 mRNAs (N1MePsU). They all contain an optimal 5′ Cap 1 found in higher eukaryotes for their functionality and stability. Their 5′ UTR is synthetic, containing a strong Kozak sequence, designed to promote efficient translation while the 3′ UTR is derived from mouse alpha-globin. Their key differences lie in the type of CleanCap® analog used and the base compositions, which may affect their protein expression and immunogenicity.

 CleanCap® mRNAsCleanCap® mRNAs (5moU)CleanCap® M6 mRNAs (N1MePsU)
Expression systemMammalianMammalianMammalian
5′ capCap 1Cap 1Cap 1
Cap analogCleanCap® AGCleanCap® AGCleanCap® M6
5′ and 3′ UTRs IncludedIncludedIncluded
Poly(A) tail120 nt120 nt120 nt
Sequence compositionUnmodified uridinesUridines substituted with 5-methoxyuridineUridines substituted with N1-methylpseudouridines
Protein expressionHighHighHighest
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Endless options to fit your applications

We also offer customization of our catalog mRNAs or your genes of interest to suit your application needs. Our customization options include:

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