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Nucleoside Triphosphates & Nucleotides

TriLink offers a wide selection of modified nucleoside triphosphates (NTPs) to suit your application needs. We stock over 150 modified NTPs, including aminoallyl, biotin, 2' fluoro, and dye-labeled nucleotides. In addition, we offer specialty modified nucleotides such as 5'-3' bisphosphates, a series of monophosphates, alpha-thiol NTPs, and cap analogs.

Whether your studies require indirect DNA labeling, cDNA synthesis, nuclease resistance, or a novel application, we have the modified NTP for you. Additionally, our nucleic acid chemists are experts in the synthesis of unique NTPs. Please inquire for larger quantities, specific concentrations, or custom nucleotide synthesis.

Explore Nucleoside Triphosphates & Nucleotides

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