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Research Update

Modified mRNA: Getting to the Heart of Gene Therapy

Messenger RNA for clinical use is not a new concept. In 2000 Rammensee, Jung and colleagues accidentally discovered that direct injection of messenger RNA elicits an immune response. This discovery led to years of research utilizing mRNA for vaccine development. A variety of characteristics gives mRNA a natural advantage over traditional vaccines.

Recently, the use of mRNA as a therapeutic agent has been gaining momentum again, this time as a tool for gene replacement.

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Venter relaxing on his 95-foot sailboat/research vessel. Photo: Rick Friedman/Corbis,

Cellular RNA consists of four major nucleosides and about 100 minor nucleosides, which are generated post-transcriptionally by enzymatic modification of the four major bases, or in exceptional cases, by base replacement. These natural minor nucleotides perform a large number of functions, some of which are yet to be discovered. We are continually expanding our catalog of naturally occurring RNA analogs to aide in this research.

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