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Research Update

Enrichment of Methylated DNA Provides New Avenue for Diagnostics

The human microbiome is not static; it’s a fluid entity. It can change rapidly and often gives clues to the health of an individual. While the ability to identify a particular microorganism within a complex biological sample has been a diagnostic tool for many decades, it has been limited to organisms that are culturable (~1%). Recently next generation sequencing (NGS) has eliminated this limitation through its ability to query total DNA of metagenomic samples.

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TriLink Secures Contract for Ebola Vaccine Synthesis

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New Epigenetic Research Reagents

Throughout 2014 we’ve added new reagents to our epigenetic research line. Just this month, 5-Methoxy-UTP and 5-Carboxy-UTP were added. Other available modifications include:


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  • Global Obesity Epidemic is Linked to Gut Microbiome
  • Investments in Microbiome-based Therapies on the Rise, but is there Hype?

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