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Research Update

Modified mRNA May Suppress Immune Activation at Multiple Steps of RIG-I Pathway

One major hurdle for biological therapies such as messenger RNA (mRNA) is the threat of immune activation. However, over the last decade, scientists have discovered that mRNA containing various modified nucleotides, such as pseudouridine and 5-methylcytidine, can suppress innate immune activation, making mRNA a powerful tool for regenerative medicine, treatment of diseases, and reprogramming of cells. Nevertheless, the detailed mechanisms of how the modified nucleotides evade immune activation are still largely unknown, particularly for lesser studied modified nucleotides.

Last month, researchers from Harvard and Rutgers University published work that sought to uncover the mechanisms that allow these modified nucleotides to evade immune activation through...

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic GMP Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of manufacturing scales enabling you to specify the exact amount of material for pre-clinical IND toxicology studies or early phase clinical trials. TriLink delivers consistent quality API on schedule and on budget. In addition to drug substances, we’ll provide all the required supporting documentation to streamline the IND submission process and carry you through to clinical trials, making the process efficient and cost effective.

Manufacturing of therapeutic grade material is available for:

  • mRNA
  • Long RNA
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Nucleotides & nucleosides
  • Aptamers
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Ask An Expert

What kind of nucleotides can you prepare under GMP conditions?

We can prepare any kind of nucleotide in our GMP facility. We first develop, if necessary, the process in our R&D lab, then validate it in our GMP facility with our equipment and reagents. All TriLink products are GMP and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.

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RNA and DNA Examples of ‘Seek, and Ye Shall Find’

'Seek, and ye shall find' is a biblical quote (Matthew 7:7) that many might say is a self-evident statement indicating that to find something you need to look for it. In any case, I used it as a segue for us scientists to remember that our collective understanding of RNA and DNA is ...

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