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Research Update

TriLink’s Top Products of 2016 and Predictions for 2017

In this month’s Zone in with Zon blog post, Jerry discusses The Scientist’s "Top Biotech Innovations" from 2016 and shares his predictions for some 2017 break-out biotech tools that are sure to have a big impact in our Industry. Jerry’s efforts inspired us to write about TriLink’s top products for 2016 and also share a peek into our developing 2017 product portfolio.

Top TriLink Products in 2016

CleanTag™ for Small RNA Library Prep: : Our fastest growing product for 2016 was the CleanTag™ Kit for small RNA-Seq. In only its second year of availability, CleanTag technology has quickly been adopted by both academic and commercial NGS core facilities in need of greater sensitivity, increased throughput, and the ability to generate high fidelity RNA-Seq results with single cell quantities of RNA. Our R&D Group just published a CleanTag paper led by lead scientist Sabrina Shore that is rapidly closing in on 1,000 total views. This comprehensive manuscript provides data on CleanTag Kit performance across multiple RNA input sources, quality, and quantity. This data demonstrates why CleanTag technology has become the de facto choice for routine and challenging small RNA-Seq samples.

CleanTag™ Small RNA Lib Prep Workflow.

cGMP mRNA: 2016 was a milestone year for TriLink as we delivered custom cGMP mRNA and oligonucleotides from our on-site manufacturing facility. Engineered mRNA molecules are proving to be the rising star in human therapeutics and we are excited to be able to play a small part in improving patient quality of life and saving the lives of those suffering from diseases without a current available therapy. As our pharmaceutical customers transition through clinical trials, we will continue to invest in our facility’s capabilities and capacities to stay ahead of their requirements.

Cas9 mRNA: Science magazine named CRISPR/Cas9 the breakthrough technology of 2015 and it has become the scientific community’s most popular technique of choice for gene editing. Cas9 mRNA is a desirable and validated method for expression of Cas9 protein because of its timely translation and natural degradation, which provides a superior safety profile and limits the chance for unwanted Cas9 activity.

Representative image of CRISPR/Cas9 system.

Long Synthetic RNA: TriLink’s reputation was built on our expertise to successfully synthesize difficult, long, or highly modified oligonucleotides. We put our expertise into practice every day synthesizing and delivering long (>90 bases) synthetic RNA oligos that incorporate 3’, 5’, and internal base and backbone modifications. In 2016 the TriLink Manufacturing Team led by Dr. David Combs developed and implemented new production technologies to deliver these highly modified oligos at a range of scales with unmatched purity. This new scale flexibility enabled TriLink to provide customers in 2016 with long synthetic RNA for uses ranging from individual laboratory experiments to clinical trials. Only TriLink can provide this seamless migration of your oligo from initial research to optimized cGMP production.

Reporter mRNA: The accuracy and reproducibility of your experiment is only as good as the control, right? We suspect that this is why our portfolio of reporter mRNA products are once again a global top seller. Reporter mRNA is ideal for testing targeted delivery and transfection efficiency. TriLink offers several standard options for increased versatility including dye-labeled reporters and we can always rapidly produce any custom reporter mRNA construct you request.

FLuc mRNA that was unmodified or modified. Cat #: L-6107, L-6307. Image courtesy of Acuitas Therapeutics.

2017 Predictions

2017 will be TriLink’s most exciting year since it was founded in 1996. For the past year Dr. Jerry Zon has been looking beyond the scientific horizon to identify nascent market needs. Working with our dedicated Research Group under the leadership of Sr Director Dr. Anton McCaffrey, they’ve worked together at a furious pace to develop a host of new and truly disruptive tools for 2017. These new products and processes will enable mRNA to be produced more efficiently, with greater control of immunogenetic properties, and at higher yields and purities. Will 2017 be the Year of mRNA? We think so!

CleanCap™: This is our big one - TriLink is excited to launch a new capping technology for mRNA. Our unique combination of expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and pioneering knowledge in mRNA enabled us to invent a chemical solution for a biological problem – how to efficiently and cost effectively cap mRNA. CleanCap enables significantly greater capping efficiency than ARCA and other chemical capping agents and is more cost effective than enzymatic methods. CleanCap has demonstrated routine efficiencies of greater than 90% and construct specific capping efficiencies above 97%. The CleanCap process produces a natural CAP-1 product that has been proven to be important for in vivo work, plus it’s also able to produce CAP-0 mRNA if required. CleanCap is a chemist’s solution to a biological problem. Contact us for more details about the availability of catalog CleanCap mRNAs or CleanCap for your custom mRNA constructs.

Modified NTPs: TriLink’s R&D Team spent much of 2016 identifying, synthesizing, evaluating, and testing a portfolio of new NTP modifications. These new nucleotides exhibit unique and specific individual properties to enable you to fine tune the performance of your constructs. Some of these nucleotides are already being incorporated into our new CleanCap reporter mRNAs. As these new modified nucleotides are added throughout the year to our already enormous selection of over 200 stocked nucleotides, we’ll send out new product announcements and include notifications in the New Product section of our eNewsetter.

cGMP mRNA: Custom cGMP mRNA was one of our Top Products in 2016 and is sure to return as our Top Product for 2017. As our pharmaceutical customers transition into clinical trials in 2017, our cGMP facility queue is rapidly approaching full subscription. We are particularly proud of the contributions we are making to this market, not just through our ability to deliver mRNA for clinical trials from the cGMP Facility, but also the unique benefits our CleanCap and modified NTP products provide to increase the efficacy and economy of this new class of life saving medicines.

Custom Chemistry: Discover the secret that some of the hottest biotech companies already know - TriLink's custom chemistry manufacturing capabilities. We supply OEM reagents for molecular biology research and diagnostic kits. Our synthetic organic chemistry expertise isn’t limited to just nucleosides and nucleotides. If the small molecule your research program or product development team requires is not commercially available, contact us.

Solulink®: For 2017, Solulink’s product catalog of conjugation reagents will be fully integrated into TriLink’s operations. All product inquiries, sales, support, and manufacturing will be done by TriLink. We are thrilled to apply our quality system and manufacturing proficiency to Solulink products. TriLink is confident you will be delighted by even greater Solulink product consistency, quality, and value in 2017. We are excited to be expanding our customer base beyond DNA and RNA to include other biomolecule applications. If you have any questions, our renowned customer service team will quickly address your needs.

Discover the possibilities with TriLink products in 2017

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