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IRDye® 750 - (O-0289)

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This modification is available as part of a custom oligonucleotide configuration. Please use OLIGObuilder™ to generate pricing and order or contact us to speak with a customer service representative.

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Product details
OLIGObuilder Code {IRDye750}
Dye Color Red (Emmax 647-700 nm)
Emission Wavelength Maximum 776 nm
Extinction Coefficient at Absorbance Max 330,000
Absorption Wavelength Maximum (Abs. Max) 766 nm
Property Near-Infrared Labeling
Oligo Modification Type Fluorescent Dye (Red)
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Intellectual property

IRDyes This product is licensed for sales only for research use. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this product may not be used in diagnostic, therapeutic or human in vivo applications. Commerical Use is prohibited.
Commercial Use shall include:
1. resales, lease, license or other transfer of the material or any material derived or produced from it.
2. resale, lease, license or other grant of rights to use this material or any material derived or produced from it
3. use of this material to perform services for a fee for third parties.
Commercial and other uses fo this product requires a license from LI-COR, Inc.