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Wobble Site - (O-0297)

Random Site, Degenerate Site
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This modification is available as part of a custom oligonucleotide configuration. Please use OLIGObuilder™ to generate pricing and order or contact us to speak with a customer service representative.

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Product details
OLIGObuilder Code B, D, H, K, M, N, R, S, V, W, Y, [dB], [dD], [dH], [dK], [dM], [dN], [dR], [dS], [dV], [dW], [dY], [fB], [fD], [fH], [fK], [fM], [fN], [fR], [fS], [fV], [fW], [fY], [mB], [mD], [mH], [mK], [mM], [mN], [mR], [mS], [mV], [mW], [mY], [rB], [rD], [rH], [rK], [rM], [rN], [rR], [rS], [rV], [rW], [rY]
Other Name(s) Random Site, Degenerate Site
Base Analog(s) Wobble Site
Property Wobble and Universal Bases
Oligo Modification Type Wobble and Universal Base
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