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CleanCap® Reagent AG (3' OMe) - (N-7413)

CleanCap®Reagent AG (3' OMe) for co-transcriptional capping of mRNA, m7(3'OMeG)(5')ppp(5')(2'OMeA)pG
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Product SKU Quality Grade Unit Size Price Qty
N-7413-1 RUO 1 µmole
N-7413-5 RUO 5 µmole
N-7413-10 RUO 10 µmole
N-7413-100 RUO 100 µmole
FN-7413-1mmol GMP 1 mmol Inquire
FN-7413-10mmol GMP 10 mmol Inquire

TriLink's patented CleanCap® Reagent AG (3' OMe) is a co-transcriptional capping reagent for in vitro transcription of 5’ capped mRNA resulting in a Cap 1 structure with up to 98% capping efficiency.

CleanCap Reagent AG (3' OMe) includes the 5' N7-Methyl-3'-O-Methylguanosine commonly found in mRNA capped using ARCA, whereas CleanCap Reagent AG has a naturally occurring 5' N7-Methylguanosine structure.

PLEASE NOTE: CleanCap Reagent AG and CleanCap Reagent AG (3’ OMe) require an AG initiator. To learn more, please review the Product Insert below.

TriLink's patented CleanCap reagents are available in “Research Use” grade as well as GMP-grade “For Further Processing.” GMP product is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and Quality Standards as defined in a GMP Quality Agreement.

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Product details
Catalog No N-7413
Purity ≥95% by AX-HPLC
Extinction Coefficient 30,539 Lmol-1cm-1 at 255 nm
Molecular Formula C33H45N15O24P4 (free acid)
Molecular Weight 1159.60
Salt Form Na+
Concentration 100 mM
Buffer H2O
Recommended Storage -20°C or below
Other Name(s) CleanCap®Reagent AG (3' OMe) for co-transcriptional capping of mRNA, m7(3'OMeG)(5')ppp(5')(2'OMeA)pG
Application CRISPR, In vitro Transcription, Recombinases, TALENS, Transposases, Vaccine Development, Zinc Finger Nucleases
Backbone 5'-5'-Triphosphate
Base Analog(s) Adenosine, Guanosine
Nucleotide Category Cap analogs
Cap Analogs CleanCap Cap Analogs
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CleanCap AG (3'OMe) Reagent (N-7413) Product Insert

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Intellectual property

CleanCap capping technology For Research Use Only. Not for use in humans. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. For additional licensing restrictions, please see the license agreement at Patents and patent pending, see

Products are for research use only, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures or for use in humans. Products are not for resale without express written permission from TriLink No license under any patent or other intellectual property right of TriLink or its licensors is granted or implied by the purchase unless otherwise provided in writing.

TriLink does not warrant that the use or sale of the products delivered hereunder will not infringe the claims of any United States or other patents or patents pending covering the use of the product alone or in combination with other products or in the operation of any process. All and any use of TriLink product is the purchaser's sole responsibility.

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