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CleanCap® technology

Accelerate therapeutic and vaccine development with an effective mRNA capping strategy

The 5’ cap structure is integral to the stability, expression, and immunogenicity of an mRNA product, but generating a synthetic cap can present manufacturing challenges and inefficiencies. The TriLink® proprietary CleanCap® technology is a one-pot solution which produces an optimal Cap1 structure with over 95% efficiency. Co-transcriptional capping with CleanCap® analogs overcomes the limitations of legacy capping methods, helping you bring your mRNA vaccine or therapeutic to market faster.


Streamline mRNA manufacturing processes and reduce costs

As momentum grows in the mRNA therapeutic and vaccine pipeline, development timelines are critical in the race to reach the market. Leveraging the CleanCap® co-transcriptional capping solution, you can cut mRNA therapeutic production processes by nearly one week and reduce overall manufacturing costs 20-40% lower than other capping methods.

By streamlining manufacturing, CleanCap® technology helps to ensure your mRNA program meets key development deadlines and cost-saving targets, increasing your likelihood of success in the path to the clinic.


Discover the CleanCap® technology difference

While an enzymatic capping reaction requires two separate bioreactor reactions to synthesize and cap mRNA, CleanCap® technology produces a Cap1 structure in a single co-transcriptional reaction. With only one purification and bioreactor step, this simplified process eliminates the need for additional reagents and enzymes while contributing to a high expected yield. 


Choose the right CleanCap® analog for your application

We offer a robust portfolio of CleanCap® cap analogs for use in the discovery or GMP manufacturing of vaccines, cell therapies, gene replacement therapies, and more, ensuring an optimal mRNA capping strategy to help maximize mRNA potency and subsequent protein expression.

  • Designed specifically for self-amplifying RNA applications
  • Naturally occurring 5' N7-Methylguanosine structure and 2’ O-methylation on the first base
  • Yields the authentic alphavirus 5’ virus cap structure
  • Naturally occurring 5' N7-Methylguanosine structure and 2’ O-methylation on the first base
  • Provides up to 98% capping efficiency
  • Modification of CleanCap® AG which includes the 2’ O-methylation on the first base and 5' N7-Methylguanosine structure with an additional O-methylation on the 3’ position of the cap
  • Provides up to 98% capping efficiency
  • Combined modifications of CleanCap® AG 3’OMe and a methylation of position 6 of the first adenosine
  • Provides up to 98% capping efficiency
  • Higher protein yield, up to 30% more than other CleanCap® analogs and capping methods
  • Increase potency of your mRNA drug substance

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