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Dye-labeled mRNA

Synthetic mRNA is at the cutting-edge of nucleic acid-based therapeutics. Unlike DNA plasmids and viral vectors, mRNA does not require a nuclear localization signal and it carries negligible risk for genomic integration. However, delivery methods are still evolving and little is known about how they affect mRNA localization and trafficking, which ultimately influence translation and function. To aid in this discovery, TriLink has expanded its offerings to include fluorescent dye-labeled mRNA. This allows for the direct visualization of the mRNA through the incorporation of labeled NTPs.

Cyanines are fluorescent dyes that are commonly used for life science applications. Cyanine-labeled NTPs incorporate efficiently into RNA transcripts via T7 polymerase. Importantly, cyanine5-labeled mRNA has also been shown to translate.


CleanCap Cyanine 5 FLuc mRNA (5moU)

CleanCap Cyanine 5 EGFP mRNA (5moU)

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